Solar Panel Installation South Weston Oxfordshire

Solar Panel Installation South Weston Oxfordshire

Solar Panel Installation South Weston OxfordshireAt Alternative Energy Solutions Ltd, we specialise in all aspects of renewable energy technologies. We are based in Oxford and also cover Swindon. Solar Panel Installation South Weston Oxfordshire.

The need for the eradication of toxic emissions into the atmosphere which affect life and environment, has led increasingly to research into clean and renewable energy sources. Green energy or eco-friendly power supply is thus gaining popularity at an unprecedented rate. One of these eco-friendly alternative sources is the Solar Panel Installation South Weston Oxfordshire.

They work on the principles of energy conversion. It is a group of electrically connected solar cells, cased in a frame, for the conversion of photons into electricity. 

They are made of PV, that is photovoltaic or solar cells, which are semiconductors. 

How does the Solar Panel Installation South Weston Oxfordshire work? When sunlight hits the cells on the panel, the electrons get separated from their atoms. They flow through the cells which then convert the sunlight into electricity. The quantity of electricity converted is dependent on the cell capacity. While some domestic installations can convert up to 20% of the sunlight they receive, some, usually the commercial types, convert up to 40%. 


  • It is green and renewable
  • It is cost-effective..
  • It is clean and eco-friendly.
  • They have a very long lifespan and up to 25-year warranty.
  • Although no electricity is produced at night, it can generate electricity during winter and in cloudy weather. 
  • They can help you generate revenue through your remitting the surplus power stored in the batteries.


There are two types of Solar Panel Installation South Weston Oxfordshire : the PV panel, that is the Photovoltaic panels, and the TP, that is the thermal panels.

The PV directly converts sunlight into electricity, while the TP functions by heating water through absorbing the sun’s warmth. This way, the TP can be used to heat homes and even swimming pools.

The major limitations include:

  • They cannot generate electricity at night.
  • They are outdoor sensitive and need sunlight for optimum efficiency.

Before purchasing, it is advisable to consider the following.

  • The size of your roof or the available space for its installation.
  • The efficiency of the panel. This determines how much of the absolved sunlight is converted to electricity and the surplus to be stored up. 
  • The average panel efficiency reads between 15 to 16%. 17 – 19% is on the higher end.
  • Durability, that is the ability of the panel to withstand pressure of wind, rain, debris and snow.
  • Warranty period and performances should be considered too.


It takes little or nothing to maintain once it is installed. In fact, this low cost of maintenance is one of the greatest advantages which it has. 

The little maintenance needed is to ensure the panel is clean and harbouring no ambers or leaves from trees. However, for slanting panels, the rain or little breeze helps to keep them clean.

In the extreme and rare cases of damage however, Solar Panel Installation South Weston Oxfordshire carry a long warranty, lasting up to standard 25-years warranty.